“I like to try new things because I get bored so easily.” – Ellen DeGeneres

img_5481What do I have in common with these much more famous and much more interesting people?  We all share (or shared, RIP Robin Williams, I get you…) the ENFP personality type.  One of the strongest traits of this type is getting bored with things VERY easily.  I’ve come to understand this about myself and, while it’s a struggle for me every day, I’ve learned how to function for the most part and not be too flighty.

But I really worry about my kids and what to teach them about themselves.  While I’m starting to see this side of a couple of them, part of me wants to teach them to clamp it down.  Focus, focus and more focus.  Be consistent.  Stick with things.  Don’t quit.  You know, all that kind of stuff we try to teach our kids so that they grow up to be productive adults.

“You’re only given a little spark of madness.  You mustn’t lose it.” – Robin Williams

But part of me wants to encourage them to jump from one thing to the next.  Try an activity and if you don’t like it, just quit and try something else.  Embrace the fact that you can’t focus long enough to remember to put an empty garbage bag in the trash when you empty it; that it’s OK that we have to remind you every time.  I can count one hand the number of books I’ve actually finished.  Don’t worry about that bad grade in that one subject – you probably won’t use it that much anyway because you might jump from one career to the next.

An ENFP parent wants to encourage individuality, but we can be all over the place, which can be very confusing.  This blog thing is a new thing and I’m already struggling with what to say next.  Part of the struggle is wondering if I can focus enough to A) keep it at, B) not get bored with it and C) maintain a coherent message each time.  Just in writing this post my mind has already wandered off into the worlds of Fantasy Football scores (not doing well), water softener salt (what I forgot at the store) and carpools (since I’m watching soccer while I write this).  I hope for better for my kids…