In honor of Halloween…



strange and frightening


  • It’s eerie that one sibling can watch another get in trouble for something, do the exact same thing, and act put upon when THEY get in trouble.
  • It’s eerie that I repeat myself so much, I’ve started to hate the sound of my OWN voice.
  • It’s eerie how kids can make milk, eggs, cheese, bread, cereal, peanut butter, fruit snacks, actual fruit and any other item purchased for human consumption vanish into a magical but the empty containers remain.  It’s MAGIC!
  • It’s eerie how people who aren’t old enough to drive themselves around can complain about how dirty the back of the minivan is while stepping over their straw wrappers, water bottles, movie cases, actual movies, Dum Dum sticks, soccer balls, soccer bags, soccer socks (biohazard warning…) and used sandwich bags.
  • It’s eerie how the above mentioned say “But it’s your van…” when you tell them to clean it all up.

OK, Reply back and tell me what I missed!